9 pregnant wives, and husbands who better do what they say


Having a baby is a blessing. And as they say, “with great blessing comes great responsibility.” Or something like that…

Every responsibility in a marriage should be shared by the husband and wife. And you will never know the challenge when you’re already in the situation.

Have a look at these 9 wives and husbands sharing what pregnancy really means.

1. Got Enough Honey, Honey?

This wife had four different kinds of honey when she sent her husband to the store to get some more. Now they have five different kinds. Do you think she’ll want another soon?


2. That’s A Nice Hat

Pregnant women can get very nostalgic and sentimental. When they do, they want to do things like put their Christmas tree up a month early. Let nesting happen.


3. I Said ALL Of It

While the other wife might have had a shortlist, this one wanted everything that their town had to offer. Makes me hungry just looking at everything. He has his work cut out for him.


4. What About Second Breakfast?

This husband is a Lord of the Rings fan with this reference. Pregnant women most definitely need a hobbit’s diet because hobbits get six meals a day.


5. When The Craving Hits

When you have cravings, you can’t always explain them. Sometimes you want pickles and peaches. Then sometimes, you want to know what the number three tastes like.



6. The Ups And Downs

This can be a lot of women when they are feeling hormonal. Their men may have to suffer but at least the rest of the time they are nice enough to ignore your stupidity.


7. She Wanted Crushed Ice

This husband did an awesome job! He crushed his wife some ice because we all know pregnant women need crushed ice. Until they get to the hospital and it’s all they can have.


8. He Should Know Better

Will Rodgers did not do a good job. He had the gall to insult his pregnant wife, make fun of her even. He deserves to be in the doghouse this time.


9. No One Is Touching That

This is the simplest form of respect. If someone has food that is labeled, you leave it alone. But if that person is pregnant, you better believe that you will pay for touching it.





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