9 Photos Of Strange Things People Rarely See

This grandpa grew a rubber ducky tomato. Was it on purpose? Probably not, but now that he knows that it’s possible, he could try to create more and start a ducky tomato business that would do well.


1. He’s Worth 100 Points

This golden tiger is believed to be one of thirty that still exist today. Hopefully, they will reproduce faster than they are going extinct because we could use more beauties like this in the world.


2. Would you like to retire here?

This is Doverwood Village, a skilled nursing facility in Hamilton, Ohio. It’s also a nursing home, where seniors are given 24/7 medical care. They get to have their medical and health treatments done here, as well as chances to relax.

3. Perfectly Blanketed

Now this is a satisfying picture. The snow slid down the slide and landed in such a perfect folded blanket that I wouldn’t want to mess it up. Let the sun do its job and don’t mess with what nature created.


4. The Perfect Stack

It takes a home cook to create a pancake stack this perfect and beautiful. Not only is that syrup running down the sides tantalizingly, but the sizes of the pancakes are perfect just like a ring toy.


5. Limon?

In Spanish, a lemon is called a limon and a lime is called a lima. So what do we call this lemon-lime? A lema? In English, we can say limon and it sure looks tasty. But I wonder what the inside looks like.



6. Donkey Kong Would Flip

Someone actually found a banana that had two bananas in it. They were conjoined bananas. It would be nice to keep it as a souvenir but then again, old bananas aren’t the best keepsakes.


7. Be Careful On This Road

If you get carsick, you might want to find another route. If I had to guess, I’d say that not many people dare live in that little town because the road to anywhere is too intense to take on a regular basis.


8. It Doesn’t Work, But It Looks Good

This cup broke, but the handle stayed intact. Isn’t that amazing? It could pass as a dangerous sculpture now. Useless, but an artist would find some sort of meaning in it. Keep holding on.


9. They Aren’t Furballs

These look like those little puffs that Elle Woods fawns over. It’s a mineral called okenite and it usually looks like cotton balls when it is found. Now that is quite a trick nature has played on us.




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