8 of the worst pieces of advice offered about life that people actually tried


We all know a fair few people who think they’re masters of everything in this world. We can always rely on them for a piece of unasked-for advice at any given moment – and luckily, we’re not usually gullible enough to take their word for it.

There are some problems that simply can’t be resolved the cheat’s way, and you just have to stick them out until the situation has passed. But according to some people on the internet, there are hundreds of “clever” solutions that other people simply haven’t tapped into yet… wonder why that is?

If you want an example of some of the ridiculous advice that has actually left people’s mouths, look no further than the internet. Disclaimer: if you take any of the following seriously, you will probably live to regret it.

#1 Tired of people asking for your help all the time? Always fill your arms with puppies, so they don’t ask for help.


What happens when a person’s hands get sore from all that weight? Worse yet, what if someone asks them to put the puppies down?

#2 Save the time you’d spend brushing your teeth and eating breakfast by spreading toothpaste on your bread.


Toothpaste is not meant to be swallowed. Doing so will cause an upset stomach and won’t exactly clean teeth properly.

#3 Moonwalk away from awkward and uncomfortable situations so people think you are walking towards them while you escape.


You are not fooling anyone with this one. All this will do is make your next meeting even more awkward than it already is.

#4 Plant hot dog seeds and harvest hot dogs just in time for your summer backyard BBQ.


That’s not how hot dogs work. “Hot dog plants” may look like hot dogs, but they don’t taste like them at all.

#5 Make your earphones wireless by cutting off the wires using a pair of pliers.


Sure, they look like wireless earphones, but they won’t work like earphones. If they can’t play any sound, can they still be called earphones?

#6 Make a handle for your plastic cup by tearing off a strip.


How will a drink stay in a cup with a large strip torn off? You will have a handle, but your cup will be empty.

#7 Are you having a bad day? Grab some sunglasses, and you’ll have a lousy evening instead.


Is your problem solved? I’m pretty your concern wasn’t the time of day, right?

#8 Use coconut oil to stir your spinach to make it easier to scrape into your trash.


Why cook it in the first place? More importantly, why did you buy it in the first place?




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