7 People who never learned to watch what they post online

A famous comic character once said “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility”. That’s never been truer than it has for online social media. Social media keeps us connected to our friends, family, and peers in ways that were impossible just twenty years ago and have made our voices heard world wide. But some people take it too far.

We all know or have heard stories about crazy and insane friends who say and do things that we don’t want shared. The problem is, social media makes it way too easy to expose the world to the deep levels of insanity that’s just beneath the surface for many people. From insane and dangerous theories to the worst online conspiracy groups, social media can be dangerous.

But we bet you’ve seen some of the worst examples. From dangerous physical challenges to theories about what can cure major disesases and conditions, to just plain weird stuff. We’re going to dive in and see examples of some of the things that make us want to take off our running shoes and get out the human race.


1. …let’s talk about that

Aside from the fact there’s no reason for doctors to do this, it’s unlikely the kidneys are easily accessible during a C-section. Also, it’s common to have witnesses around like fathers, grandparents, and friends.


2. This is disgusting

I don’t even want to know what “womb wax” is. I’m assuming this mother is referring to vernix, the coating that babies have in utero. Not only should this be washed off, but it’s also unsafe to eat.


3. Staring proudly into the sun

Big Sunglasses wants to keep the secrets of the sun from the little people, so our job is to gaze directly into the eclipse while it burns our retinas. We’ll be blind, but at least we’ll be standing up for the truth!


4. Cupcakes cause cancer

Many proponents of alternative medicine claim that sugar causes cancer. This crazy person is recommending that someone should avoid chemotherapy in place of diet changes and CBD oil. Medicine, Brenda. They need medicine.



What should you do when someone answers the exact question you asked, citing facts and figures? Tell them you hate them. That doesn’t make you sound like a crazy person at all!


6. Someone sure hates cheese

This is a normal reaction to someone buying the wrong kind of cheese. Yup, this person actually thought that destroying personal property was an appropriate response to not buying vegan cheese.


7. Shut up and take my lizards

There’s probably a good reason this group doesn’t accept pets. But that’s not the poster’s problem. You’ll post about my lizards and you’ll like it




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