7 People dubbed ‘neighbors from hell’ for making other’s lives a living nightmare

We can choose the house that we want to live in especially when we have all the means. What we can’t choose are the neighbors who live next to us.Some people may have found the nicest neighbors. Sadly, some have it the other way around. This is the reason why some people just don’t live a peaceful life. You’ll see some of them in this slideshow.


1. Bad Vibes

We’re sure she’s a nice person, but it’s not uncommon for people to want some peace and quiet at 4 in the morning!


2. One Last Fight

Wow these guys had to fight even on the last day of being neighbors. Why couldn’t they ust let it go?


3. Steal Your Trash

Seriosuly though, who would even consider stealing someone else’s trashcan? That would be an interesting case for the police.


4. Uh-oh!

Well, especially during this time sneezing is barely acceptable in private- imagine how one would feel if they were sneezed on!


5. Warning

Not sure, but maybe the girl should take the neighbor seriously. Just in case…


6. Civilized

At last, here’s an example of a civilized answer to a threatening text. Or was it passive aggressive?


7. America’s Got Talent

Being one of those people who enjoys singing in the shower, I can tell this text hurt!



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