12 Women who recreated old photos of their moms that show their striking similarities

When parents see that their kids look exactly like them – it makes them really happy. It’s because it feels great when you look like the person who is so dear to you.

The women on this slideshow happily recreated the photos of their beautiful moms and the results are amazing. Most of them really look like their moms. You’ll surely enjoy seeing their photos.

Dedication To Detail

It’s great to see how much effort this girl put into her recreation. She did her hair and makeup just like her mother, and even found a perfect outfit and matching accessories, including an apple, to copy the original photo perfectly.


That’s One Hairy Baby

We’ve seen a few examples of new moms posing with their babies or young children, but this girl has a ‘baby’ of a different kind.


90s Style

This girl had a lot of fun dressing up as her mom from the late 90s. Try it out for yourself!


Which Is Which?

This mom and daughter look so similar, it’s hard to tell which photo was taken in the 80s and which one is new!


Ready To Do Some Chopping

We’re not sure exactly why this lady once posed with an ax held up in front of her, but when her daughter found the photo, many years later, she knew she had to recreate it!


Not Happy

This girl must have been giggling when she found a photo of her mom pulling a moody pout back in the 80s. She did a terrific job with the recreation too!


Circle Of Life

That first little baby is now all grown up with a child of her own. Maybe her daughter will recreate this photo all over again in the future when she’s all grown up


Same Smile

Both this mother and her daughter have the same lovely smile! They look great, side by side.


Fashion Queen

These two sisters teamed up to recreate some of their mom’s old pics. The top one looks almost identical to her mother!


Mirror Image

Wow! When this girl and her mom look at each other, it must be just like looking into a mirror!


That 70s Look

This girl is bringing 70s hairstyles back into the mainstream with her groovy recreation. She might have different colored eyes and hair to her mother, but she’s absolutely captured her facial expression.


It Girl

This girl’s mom looks like she could have been a Hollywood star of the 60s, and she’s done a great job of recapturing that elegance and grace in her recreation.



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