12 Trees Proving Where There’s A Will There’s A Way

Trees are fascinating.

They can help reduce the negative effects of climate change. They produce oxygen which is what we need to breathe and live. Plus, trees also symbolize life and hope. No matter how challenging the climate and weather is, they will continue to grow and live.

If you are feeling a bit down today, here are 12 photos of trees that are winning against the challenges of their environment.

1. A tree with a story

This tree sprouted out of the stump of another tree. When the stump rotted away, the tree continued growing with some impressive roots.


2. Guess they’re out of town

We don’t know how long this building’s been abandoned, but judging by that tree, we can only imagine. It’s growing straight through the window.


3. Concrete? No problem

You might think a tree couldn’t find nutrients in such a tiny amount of soil. But this tree doesn’t know the word impossible and is determined to grow no matter what.


4. It’s a tree from another tree

This tree had such a generous bed of moss and nutrients on its branch, it was a perfect place for …another tree. It’s growing tall and strong on the arm of its friend.


5. Concrete isn’t a barrier

This tree was planted in a narrow box of soil and surrounded by pavement. But it refused to stay in its box. Instead, its roots crisscrossed the sidewalk.


6. DIY tree trunk

No trunk? No problem. This tenacious little tree decided to make one out of a speed limit sign. Who knew trees were so creative?


7. A sprouting chair

You’d think once a tree is chopped up and turned into furniture, it’d know to stop growing. Well, no one sent a memo to this still-sprouting chair.


8. Straight out of a rock

Trees can even grow straight up through a rock, as long as their roots manage to reach nutrients. This tree didn’t just grow but it thrived on top of a boulder.


9. Four for one

When this tree fell over, that might’ve been the end of it. But instead, it grew four new trees out of the fallen trunk.


10. Getting knocked down

This palm tree fell over but wasn’t bothered in the slightest. It just curved back up and like a trooper, continued growing.


11. It’s growing underneath the paint

It takes some effort for a tree to put out roots under a layer of dry paint. But it’s determined to establish its roots wherever it can.


12. Nice try, guy

Someone chopped this tree down thinking that would be the end of it. Little did they know it would keep growing, even from the old stump.




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