12 Things people who went to high school in a small town can relate to

When growing up, you don’t really question your environment too much or what exactly is going on around you. Often, if you live in a small town you only realize all the quirks and charm once you leave.

While growing up you don’t really question that tractors, horses, four-wheelers, dirtbikes, or lawnmowers aren’t technically allowed on the main roads. If you grow up in a small town you understand quickly that everyone knows everyone so whatever you do it gets around whether you want it to or not.

But no matter where you grow up there are always things that are specific to that environment that you only understand if you’ve grown up there or lived there for years.

So if you are from a small town or just want to know what it is like, here are 12 things that show what it’s truly like to grow up there.

1. Variety of Things To Do

If you live in a small town you’ve definitely said before “there’s nothing to do around here“. Mostly because you’ve done it all or because you’ve grown up there and it all just seems the same. However, if you ever tried living anywhere else especially in a city you realize just how many different opportunities smalls towns offer. Specifically, taking the time to explore or simply just appreciate all the nature that exists around you.

2. Teachers Are Just Like Us

Outside of school our teachers are just like us! It may be hard to accept especially when if the teacher is strict but they are normal human beings outside of work. Someone who you can even run into at a concert! Just like this girl ran into her 5th-grade History teacher at a Toby Keith concert.

3. Everyone Knows Everyone

When living in a small town you quickly realize everyone knows everyone. This picture basically describes perfectly. If one person knows something then the whole town knows something.

4. Lawnmowers Qualify As Cars

When you grow up in a small town you understand that lawnmowers qualify as cars. So if you need to run to the convenience store or gas station really quick just park it like a normal car. So if you aren’t from a small town don’t be alarmed to see a lawnmower or tractor on the road or even parked at the local gas station to get some snacks.

5. County Fair

Everybody knows about the country fair and if you don’t go you are missing out. So much can happen at the country fair with all the rides, foods, fireworks, and prizes to win. There are not many big things that happen in small towns so nobody wants to miss out on the county fair.


6. Pets Are Allowed At Picture Day

This yearbook picture so easily shows what it’s like to be from a small town. Dressed in camo with his dog for picture day. We can only imagine how good these pictures came out


7. The Dreaded Where Are You From Question

If you are from a small town you know exactly what it’s like when you get asked the question about where are you from. Odds are if you aren’t from there you won’t know. Even more so they won’t know any place relatively close unless it’s at least an hour or more away. Close enough!

8. A Perfect Day

There are so many things about small towns that are just really really unique. Where many often travel all over the world to ride horseback on vacation for small-town kids they don’t have to look any further than their backyard. For those small-town kids, a perfect day can consist of taking those horses out with their best friend.


9. Parking Lots Full of Pickup Trucks

Along with trains, lawnmowers, tractors, and horses you’ll also find a lot of pickup trucks. Many parking lots look exactly like the picture below. Full of pickup trucks maybe a lawnmower here or there.


10. People Have Pet Racoons

Growing up in a small town people can have some pretty interesting pets. Take this for example where someone shared that in their small town someone brought in their pet raccoon to lunch! A rather strange but surprisingly cute sight.

11. Waiting On The Train To Pass

If there’s one thing you do not want to get stuck waiting on when you are in a rush is the train. You really never know how long it’ll take to pass depending on how many train cars are attached or what they are carrying. In small towns, if your route to work or wherever you need to has to cross over train tracks make sure you leave time to encounter a train.

12. Lawnmower On A Road Etiquette

In small towns there are many strange things that if you live there you don’t think twice about. Like seeing a man driving a lawnmower approach a four-way stop. Which you treat just like a regular car.


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