11 Women who look just like a carbon copy of their gorgeous moms

When it comes to winning the genetic jackpot, you really never know what you’re going to get. For these women, though, they have all hit that lottery and then some with their stunning looks. And, to top it off, from mom’s appearance it looks like they will be enjoying their good looks for many more years to come!

The mothers in this article all bare a stunning resemblance to their daughters. It’s truly a sight to be hold. These women all have taken great care of themselves and look far younger than their true age. Continue to see 11 mothers and daughters who all look considerably alike.


Who is the Mother? Who is the Daughter?

This mother and daughter combo looks so much alike that we’re not even sure who is the mother and who is the daughter they have very similar faces and almost identical glances.


The Mother Daughter Doppelgangers

This mom and daughter combo have pretty much exactly the same face and hair. Although, their hair is parted in different directions. Their smile is almost identical.


Healthy Looking Mother Daughter Combo

Here we see a healthy looking mother and daughter combo either on their way to the gym or having just gotten back from the gym. You’ll look the same age as your kids if you keep a regular workout schedule.


Model Amber Le Bon and Mom

In this photo we see model Amber le Bon and her mother. It seems her mother is quite photogenic as well.

Any Guesses On Who The Mother Is?

It may seem hard to believe but one of these three young ladies actually gave birth to the other two. It’s a little tough to tell, but the woman with the bun in her hair is the mother.


The Whole Family

Aside from the baby on a woman’s lap and the kid giving the peace sign in the front, this whole family looks alike. Five women who could all pass as sisters but one is the mother. Can you guess who it is?


Mom and Daughters On A Hike

Here we see four young looking ladies on a hike. We’re guessing the woman closest to the camera is the mother as she seems to have pride of her daughters beaming out of her face.


Posing With Mother

These two daughters are posing along with their mother in the middle. It’s clear that all three have very similar genes.


Happy Mother Daughter Combo

This mother-daughter combo have very similar faces and very similar smiles. We’re not entirely certain who is the mother but we are guessing it is the woman with the big pink earrings.


Christie Brinkley and Daughters

Here is Christie Brinkley in her 60s along with her two daughters. We’re not certain how she looks so good at this stage of her life or how she appears to be walking on top of water that her daughters are knee deep in.



Mother and Daughter Casually Hanging Out

Here we see a mother and daughter casually hanging out. We’re guessing the woman in the blue top is the mother as she seems to have some motherly pride on her face.



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