11 Pieces Of Evidence That Karma Is Real

“Karma’s a b*tch.” Does that sound familiar? Perhaps someone said it to you or maybe you’ve said it to someone.

So, what is karma? It simply means “what goes around comes around.” In other words, if an individual does something bad, their actions will eventually catch up to them in some form of consequence, usually similar to what they did.

If you’re someone who doesn’t think karma is real, these 11 examples might change your mind or at least make you think about it.

1. Karma in 3, 2, 1

We’re not sure who this brick will hit, but it’s karma in the making. When the right individual walks by, it’ll drop right on cue. Its target is going to have a really bad day.


2. So sneaky

Not wanting his significant other to know he bought something, this guy had it delivered to a local post office. He thought he got one over her. That was until he went to retrieve it and it was stuck inside the box.


3. Patience is a virtue

Don’t get mad the next time your mail carrier is late. Otherwise, you could invite karma into your life. In this case, it was a possum who bit the homeowner trying to retrieve his mail.


4. That’ll teach them

In Turkey, people gathered to celebrate Pride Day. Trying to get them to leave, police sprayed water cannons. How ironic that their karma came in the form of a rainbow.

5. Dieting is so hard

Trying to lose weight, an individual knew that sweets were off-limits. But when it came to ice cream, they couldn’t resist. So, they bought the largest size available but being doubled wrapped, they ended up with less than expected.


People do it all the time. You know, take food out of the refrigerator at work that doesn’t belong to them. Remember the saying — “karma’s a bitch.”

7. Who are you going to trust?

Oh, the dilemma. Unless this person wants to get hit by karma, we suggest they obey the sign. If not, you know there’s a police officer just waiting to hand them a ticket.


8. Smartypants

She thinks she’s so sly. Giving her friend bunny ears without her knowing it. But then came karma in the form of devil ears.

9. An irresponsible move

Yes, this person knew they should pay the rent. But dang, they really wanted a new monitor instead. Well, they got one, although when it arrived, this is how it looked.

10. That had to hurt

Hey, partying with your best friend is fun. But after having a little too much to drink, they quickly become obnoxious. What do you want to bet this guy hasn’t touched a party favor since?

11. Busted

If you ever hit a vehicle, don’t leave the scene. If you do, you can expect to get arrested. Thanks to karma, something like this is bound to happen.




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