10 Teens who absolutely nailed wearing their mother’s prom dress

Many young women consider Prom Night to be the biggest night of their young adult lives. It feels like the gateway bridge between childhood and adulthood and is probably the last chance to socialize with long time friends. That’s why many Prom attendees search long and hard for the perfect prom dress.

But some of these prom-queens-to-be have found that the secret to a gorgeous prom dress isn’t always found on a store shelf. Sometimes all it takes is borrowing the dresses that their mothers wore to this big important event. These young ladies are showing off and looking incredible on their big night out.

Don’t believe us? Then check out these 10 teens who wore their mom’s prom dresses and judge for yourself.


1. Looks brand new

With a higher slit and additional sequins, this dress came out more beautiful after 11 years. At first glance, who would think mom had already worn it in 1996?


2. This mesmerizing dress

This is my favorite dress on this list and I’m sure you’re finding it pretty, too. With that cut and intricate design, who could say no to it?


3. With or without the sleeves

This is definitely one of the most adorable dresses on this list. Even without the puffy sleeves, it still looks pretty.

4. At the junior prom

This throwback picture is special because it’s a recreation of her parents’ junior prom. Yes, it’s the exact same dress and that’s her dad with her mom.


5. Simple yet elegant

Her mom did an excellent job in keeping her prom dress in mint condition. Her daughter was able to wear it without alterations.


6. Like mother, like daughter

This mother couldn’t be any happier knowing that her daughter likes her style. This was the second time she got to wear her dresses from high school.


7. Gorgeous in black

This photo simply proves that black never goes out of style. Even though it has been 20 years since it was first worn, this dress still looks classy.


8. Pretty in red

Not everyone can pull off wearing a red dress like that and these two women totally rocked it. It’s also amazing how they were able to wear the same dress without losing their own unique style.


9. Just stunning

You really can’t go wrong with black. Even with different styles, these women looked stunning in that dress.


10. Dream come true

She had always wanted to wear her mom’s dress for Senior prom. When the day came, she got exactly what she wanted. She also got to recreate her mom’s prom photo with her dad.


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