10 People Whose Hair Styles Turned Into Dramatic Fails

Most people get a hair makeover to feel good about themselves. For them, it offers a sense of fresh start and new beginnings.

Meanwhile, some people consider hair as a social symbol. It’s a powerful indicator of one’s identity. That’s why they spend time and money to take care of it properly.

Considering its impact, you need to be extra careful when picking a hairstylist. You have to make sure that the person is fully trained to cut, color, and style hair.

If you’re not careful, you might find yourself with awfully styled hair- like these 8 people. Their hairstyles look so bad that it’s hard not to feel sorry for them.

1. Expectation vs reality

Hair done at a normally good store from ExpectationVsReality


She wanted her hair to look vibrant and full of life. Unfortunately, after getting it done for $85, she ended up with limp, lifeless hair.

2. Just the bangs

This kid’s mom is quite lucky that he looks adorable. Even with a failed haircut, he’s still charming.


3. A smiley, please.

Tried cutting my friend’s hair. He wanted a smiley face. from ExpectationVsReality

It’s hard to figure out where the smiley face went. Even if you stare at the person’s head for a long time, you wouldn’t be able to find it.

4. Still cute!

It’s her first hair cut and her mom didn’t do an excellent job. Fortunately, she won’t be able to remember what happened in the future.

5. Where no one can see it- hopefully

If it’s your first time cutting someone’s hair, it’s a good idea to do it on the back first. By doing that, people won’t be able to spot your mistakes right away. Well, hopefully.

6. The look on her face

Expectations Vs Reality: Curly hair from ExpectationVsReality

She’s shocked and it’s not surprising why. Her hair looks so different from what she wanted. Something probably went wrong with the curlers.

7. Terrifying

This is just awful. Whoever did this needs to stop styling other people’s hair. If he can’t quit, then he needs to learn proper and better techniques.

8. Not the same color

Mermaid hair, how hard could it be? from ExpectationVsReality

Considering the result, it seemed that the stylist didn’t even try to copy the model’s hair. She just applied the colors and hoped for the best.

9. Not a DIY thing

Dye your hair a wild color, they said; it’ll look really cool, they said from ExpectationVsReality

The woman didn’t do this to herself. She actually hired a stylist and asked her to copy the model’s hair. Unfortunately, she hired the wrong person.

10. They didn’t listen.

Went to the hair salon today. Asked for what’s on the left. Walked out with the right. Now i have to find someone to fix it from ExpectationVsReality

Some stylists are just stubborn. Even if you tell them exactly what you want, they still choose to do a different style.


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