10 Happy Wives Keeping Their Marriages Exciting

When you decide to get married, your ideal goal is to have a partner that you are compatible with. This includes sharing a good sense of humor so that you can both laugh at the curveballs that life sometimes throws your way.

Sometimes spouses like to play practical jokes on each other, give each other a hard time, or even get a few laughs at each other’s expense — but, of course, it’s just all in good fun. It’s also important to find a partner who can roll with the punches and make mundane experiences more entertaining.

Ultimately, one key to a successful relationship with your spouse is laughter and the ability to laugh at the many situations life can bring your way. This is a huge help alleviating life stresses. Well, these wives we’re about to spotlight excel at keeping their marriage interesting and full of laughs while letting their husbands know that they love them.

The Bet

Never make a bet with your wife that she can’t do something when you are sleeping, especially if you are a heavy sleeper. This guy learned the hard way that a bound-and-determined wife can shave your foot while you are sleeping … and paint your toenails while she is at it.


Personalized Gift

This wife knew exactly what to get her husband for his birthday. She even had it personalized with his name over the breast pocket. Oh wait, that is not his name. I wonder where she came up with that nickname?



You know your wife is hardcore when she brings home props for the purposes of making a joke. According to this husband, his wife brought home a life-sized replica of a skeleton. It was only when he walked in on this that he realized what his wife had been up to.


Nicolas Cage Fan

This wife obviously had too much to drink. And it looks like she has an unhealthy obsession with Nicolas Cage. Mix the two together and you end up with a scene like this. I wonder if she places the pillow over her husband’s face while they are in bed together?


Candy Hidey Hole

This wife found the perfect place to hide her secret candy stash. She put all of her chocolatey goodness into the one place that few men would venture to look. I’m just curious as to how he was able to find it.


Lazy Couple

This couple spent an hour trying to get the cat to turn off the lights by using a laser pointer. Talk about lazy. I’m pretty sure they also tried to get the cat to change the channel on the TV in the bedroom using the same tactic on the remote.


Sandwich Maker

The lesson learned here is to never call your wife a sandwich maker, especially if she is the one who usually makes your food. Have a little respect. I guess this guy got lucky that his wife only left the wrapper on the cheese.


Challenge Accepted

This husband learned an important lesson: Never challenge his wife to do something. He made the mistake of challenging her to fit in one of their suitcases (how does that even come up in a conversation?). She promptly met his challenge and took a picture to prove it. Now, the question is, how does she get out?



Sometimes your wife’s humor is a little in the toilet, literally. This wife called her husband into the bathroom to see her proud altering of his shampoo bottle. Now, he’ll have something to remember her by every time he takes a shower … or goes number two.


Rightful Place

It seems this husband knows his rightful place. It is in the back seat while Fido sits up front. I wonder if he is allowed at the dinner table or if the dog has taken his place there too. I’m not even going to ask about the bedroom. I hope he likes sleeping in the floor.



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