10 big-hearted, selfless kids who will restore your faith in humanity

It’s always fun to be with kids as they are innocent and loving. And whenever we’re consumed by the bad things in the world – their innocence changes our perspective.

Although they are young, they have that power to restore our faith in humanity and it’s because of their kindness.

These 10 slides will show you some of the kids who did not hesitate to be kind. All of them made efforts just to make other people happy. Feel free to read their stories.

#1 Building homes

This girl noticed that there were homeless going hungry in her area. After making sure they were fed, she decided to go one step further and build them homes.


#2 Comforting neighbors through music

Many people have been suffering due to COVID-19 ever since the pandemic has started. But it’s uplifting to think that many people also love to share some kindness to those who need it. Among these people are these talented kids who decided to hold a cello concert to comfort their erderly neighbor who was self-isolating at that time.

This story was shared by Jackie Borchardt on Twitter – and her tweet has gone massively viral.


#3 The kid who made some officers happy.

This kid just love to do act of kindness to many people. Among those people he has helped are the officers of Winslow Township Police Department. He used his allowance to deliver lunch to them. According to the Winslow Township Police Department, this was the kid’s way to show appreciation to them for keeping him safe “even when he sleeps”.


#4 Blankets with love

A kid who also has big heart is the founder of Blankies 4 My Buddies. He loves to give blankets to his fellow kids as he wants to make sure that “all children stay warm and never feel lonely”.


#5 He used his hair to give hope to other.

When someone wants to have a long hair, usually, it’s because they want to look good. But this adorable kid had a different reason – which is truly inspiring.

When he successfully did it, he immediately got a haircut and donated his hair to kids with cancer. Good job, kid!


#6 All humans deserve some decency


Tyler, only nine years old, decided to use his summer allowance to buy books for the local jail. He showed up unannounced with more than one hundred books for people in jail.

His reason? When he has bad thoughts, he finds reading calms him down. He wanted to share that with others.


#7 Love for pup

Many people love animals and that’s a great thing. But to see innocent kids giving all that they have just to save a puppy from danger is beyond touching.

“These humble kids from #India surely only have enough to survive on the streets themselves yet selflessly spent part of what they had to help a wounded stray puppy heal,” the uploader of the photo wrote.

#8 Making the best of a sad situation


Jake had to spend a few days in the hospital after catching the flu. When he recovered and left the hospital, he had a great idea to do something for the kids who had not recovered as fast as he had.

He made iced tea and cookies and sold them at his dad’s business. He earned $275, which he used to buy coloring books for Stony Brook Long Island Children’s Hospital.


#9 Precious invitation

This kid right here made these two staff of Walton County Sheriff’s Office happy after he invited them for Thanksgiving dinner. He was the one who called 911 just to make such a heartwarming invitation.

“With all the bad calls we take on a daily basis this one was a welcomed happy call that made all of us smile,” Lead Communications Officer Monica Webster said.


#10 True friendship


The two kids pictured are friends being cared for in the same hospital. One of them was in quarantine and couldn’t leave his room at all. His friend sat on the other side of the room’s window and they played video games with wireless controllers.




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